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National Collections - Fields Definition

AADApplicant Address textfalse
AADCApplicant Address Country stringfalse
ABAbstract texttrue
ADApplication Date datefalse
ALLAll fields textfalse
ALLNUMAll Numbers and IDs
The entered value is searched against the application number, the PCT publication number, the national publication number and the priority number
ANApplication Number stringfalse
ANAApplicant Nationality stringfalse
AREApplicant Residence stringfalse
AR_ABArabic Abstract texttrue
AR_ALLArabic All textfalse
AR_ALLTXTArabic Text texttrue
AR_CLArabic Claims texttrue
AR_DEArabic Description texttrue
AR_TIArabic Title texttrue
CHEMChemical textfalse
CLClaims texttrue
CLASSIFAll Classifications stringfalse
CPCCooperative Patent Classification stringfalse
The entered value is searched against the originated country of the physical patent document (national/regional collections). When in doubt you should use the office field (OF)
DA_ABDanish Abstract texttrue
DA_ALLDanish All textfalse
DA_ALLTXTDanish Text texttrue
DA_CLDanish Claims texttrue
DA_DEDanish Description texttrue
DA_TIDanish Title texttrue
DEDescription texttrue
DE_ABGerman Abstract texttrue
DE_ALLGerman All textfalse
DE_ALLTXTGerman Text texttrue
DE_CLGerman Claims texttrue
DE_DEGerman Description texttrue
DE_TIGerman Title texttrue
DPPublication Date datefalse
DSDesignated States stringfalse
EN_ABEnglish Abstract texttrue
EN_ALLEnglish All textfalse
EN_ALLTXTEnglish Text texttrue
EN_CLEnglish Claims texttrue
EN_DEEnglish Description texttrue
EN_TIEnglish Title texttrue
ES_ABSpanish Abstract texttrue
ES_ALLSpanish All textfalse
ES_ALLTXTSpanish Text texttrue
ES_CLSpanish Claims texttrue
ES_DESpanish Description texttrue
ES_TISpanish Title texttrue
FPFront Page textfalse
FR_ABFrench Abstract texttrue
FR_ALLFrench All textfalse
FR_ALLTXTFrench Text texttrue
FR_CLFrench Claims texttrue
FR_DEFrench Description texttrue
FR_TIFrench Title texttrue
GNGrant Number stringfalse
HE_ABHebrew Abstract texttrue
HE_ALLHebrew All textfalse
HE_ALLTXTHebrew Text texttrue
HE_CLHebrew Claims texttrue
HE_DEHebrew Description texttrue
HE_TIHebrew Title texttrue
IADCInventor Nationality stringfalse
ICInternational Class stringfalse
ICFMain International Class stringfalse
ICIInternational Class Inventive stringfalse
ICNInternational Class N-Inventive stringfalse
IC_EXExact IPC code stringfalse
INInventor Name textfalse
INAInventor All Data textfalse
INFMain Inventor Name textfalse
IPEInternational Preliminary Examination stringfalse
ISAInternational Search Authority stringfalse
ISRInternational Search Report stringfalse
IT_ABItalian Abstract texttrue
IT_ALLItalian All textfalse
IT_ALLTXTItalian Text texttrue
IT_CLItalian Claims texttrue
IT_DEItalian Description texttrue
IT_TIItalian Title texttrue
JA_ABJapanese Abstract texttrue
JA_ALLJapanese All textfalse
JA_ALLTXTJapanese Text texttrue
JA_CLJapanese Claims texttrue
JA_DEJapanese Description texttrue
JA_TIJapanese Title texttrue
KO_ABKorean Abstract texttrue
KO_ALLKorean ALL textfalse
KO_ALLTXTKorean Text texttrue
KO_CLKorean Claims texttrue
KO_DEKorean Description texttrue
KO_TIKorean Title texttrue
LGFFiling Language stringfalse
LGPPublication Language stringfalse
LILicensing availability booleanfalse
NPPriority Number stringfalse
NPANational Phase All Data textfalse
NPANNational Phase Application Number stringfalse
NPCCNational Phase Office Code stringfalse
NPEDNational Phase Office Code and Entry Date stringfalse
NPEDDNational Phase Entry Date datefalse
NPETNational Phase Entry Type stringfalse
OFOffice Code stringfalse
PAApplicant Name textfalse
PAAApplicant All Data textfalse
PAFMain Applicant Name textfalse
PCNPriority Country stringfalse
PDPriority Date datefalse
PIPriority All Data textfalse
PL_ABPolish Abstract texttrue
PL_ALLPolish All textfalse
PL_ALLTXTPolish Text texttrue
PL_CLPolish Claims texttrue
PL_DEPolish Description texttrue
PL_TIPolish Title texttrue
PNNational Publication Number stringfalse
PRIORPCTANPrior PCT Application Number stringfalse
PRIORPCTWOPrior PCT WO Number stringfalse
PT_ABPortuguese Abstract texttrue
PT_ALLPortuguese All textfalse
PT_ALLTXTPortuguese Text texttrue
PT_CLPortuguese Claims texttrue
PT_DEPortuguese Description texttrue
PT_TIPortuguese Title texttrue
RADLegal Representative Address textfalse
RCNLegal Representative Country stringfalse
RPLegal Representative Name textfalse
RPALegal Representative All Data textfalse
RPFMain Legal Rep Name textfalse
RU_ABRussian Abstract texttrue
RU_ALLRussian All textfalse
RU_ALLTXTRussian Text texttrue
RU_CLRussian Claims texttrue
RU_DERussian Description texttrue
RU_TIRussian Title texttrue
SISSupplementary International Search stringfalse
SV_ABSwedish Abstract texttrue
SV_ALLSwedish All textfalse
SV_ALLTXTSwedish Text texttrue
SV_CLSwedish Claims texttrue
SV_DESwedish Description texttrue
SV_TISwedish Title texttrue
TITitle texttrue
TPOThird Party Observation
Specifies whether a Third Party Observation has been received or not
VN_ABVietnamese Abstract texttrue
VN_ALLVietnamese All textfalse
VN_ALLTXTVietnamese Text texttrue
VN_CLVietnamese Claims texttrue
VN_DEVietnamese Description texttrue
VN_TIVietnamese Title texttrue
WOWIPO Publication Number stringfalse
ZH_ABChinese Abstract texttrue
ZH_ALLChinese All textfalse
ZH_ALLTXTChinese Text texttrue
ZH_CLChinese Claims texttrue
ZH_DEChinese Description texttrue
ZH_TIChinese Title texttrue