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1. (US20120033979) Optoelectronic communications assembly having an electrical and optical interface

Office : United States of America
Application Number: 12852901 Application Date: 09.08.2010
Publication Number: 20120033979 Publication Date: 09.02.2012
Grant Number: 08682172 Grant Date: 25.03.2014
Publication Kind : B2
H04B 10/00
Transmission systems employing electromagnetic waves other than radio-waves, e.g. infrared, visible or ultraviolet light, or employing corpuscular radiation, e.g. quantum communication
Applicants: Priyadarshi Sunil
Finisar Corporation
Inventors: Priyadarshi Sunil
Agents: Maschoff Brennan
Priority Data:
Title: (EN) Optoelectronic communications assembly having an electrical and optical interface
Abstract: front page image

In one example embodiment, an optoelectronic communications assembly having an optical receiver or an optical transmitter includes an optical interface disposed at an end thereof and through which optical signals are communicated by the optical receiver or optical transmitter. The optoelectronic communications assembly also includes an electronic component and a first electrical interface disposed at the optical interface end of the optical communications assembly and communicatively coupled to the electronic component.