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Integral Firearm Accessory Having First Aid and Wound Care Capabilities


[0001] The present disclosure and field of invention generally relates to an integrated firearm accessory that mounts in or upon the firearm or similar devices as an insert. Other purposes and benefits of the invention will be discovered through description and illustration herein.

[0002] The immediate object of this invention is a novel approach to first aid and wound care in the event of injury. The embodiments herein eliminate the need to carry a separate hemostatic agent for wound care as it is concealed within the firearm itself and easily deployed.

[0003] Some objects of the invention have been stated. Others will become evident as the de scription proceeds and in connection with the illustrations hereto.


[0004] No prior art patents exist that utilize the hollow rearward grip channel in the Glock™ ("Glock" is a federally registered trademark of Glock, Inc.) handgun or other polymer frame semi-automatic pistol brands. Using the Glock™ pistol brand as a general example; Through Generations (or versions) 1 - 5 of the firearms history, a hollow section is part of the Glock™ grip design, rearward of the magazine chamber, and adds structural stability to the polymer frame. The hollow space has been unused for any innovative emergency-aid/first-aid accessory or function. The claimed invention is unique and not found in prior art. The primary focus of prior art has been to instruct those who carry a firearm to have a separate kit or first aid bag which many do not carry. It is therefore the objective of this invention to integrate life-saving first aid product into the firearm itself such that it is always present.


[0005] FIG. l is a perspective side view of the invention where the girth and contour will be matched to the rearward grip channel of polymer frame firearm selected. Most polymer frame pistols have a hole where the nub will“snap” into. The combination of the retaining nub and the surface tension of the molded vessel to the internal dimensions of the grip channel will keep the invention in place within the firearm. As shown the elements/parts identified are as follows: the hollow vessel (10) for a firearm grip/handi e/stock; the hollow vessel plug (20) (shown threaded) to securely close he hollow vessel (10); a retaining nub (30) connectively attached to the hollow vessel (10); and a tapered magazine guide (40) connectively attached to the hollow vessel (10).

[0006] FIG. 2 is a perspective top view of the invention where length varies depending on the polymer frame size (usually large, standard, compact, and sub-compact). The plug opening will be threaded to accept the access plug. As shown in Figure 2 and matching Figure 1, the ele ments/parts identified are as follows: the hollow vessel (10) for a firearm grip/handi e/stock; the hollow vessel plug (20) (shown threaded) to securely close the hollow vessel (10); a retaining nub (30) connectively attached to the hollow vessel (10); and a tapered magazine guide (40) connectively attached to the hollow vessel (10).


[0007] The present invention is an integrated firearm accessory that mounts into or upon a firearm or other similar sized device as an insert. It is a sealable hollow vessel that fits into the empty space in the handle or stock of a firearm. It provides access to first-aid and wound-care in the event of injury while carrying a firearm. It eliminates the need to carry separate hemostatic agent emergency care supplies because when using the invented device the hemostatic agent is concealed within the firearm itself and thus readily and easily deployed. It easily opens by fin-ger-turn without need of any tools, it installs in seconds, it is reuse-able, and the threaded plug and custom sizing of the vessel combined with a retaining nub and tapered magazine guide result in a highly useful emergency first aid device addition to a firearm. Note that the "grip" of a firearm here includes all the places to grab onto and hold a firearm such as the rearward or fore arm grip, and any other attached hand hold position element of a firearm. The present invention may be adapted to any empty space of suitable size available on a firearm or any other device with a suitably sized void where the invented device can be installed. The present invention may be used to carry any emergency care/first aid delivery means (e.g. any medically suitable hemo static agent), or other material or medicine that would enhance emergency or first aid (or another purpose) care provision.

[0008] As shown in Figure 1, the elements/parts of the present invention are identified as fol lows: the hollow vessel (10) for a firearm grip/handle/ stock that occupies up to all of the empty space inside the handle/ stock of a firearm and has an opening at one end for the insertion of ob- jects small enough to fit inside said plug; the hollow vessel plug (20) to securely close the hollow vessel (10); a retaining nub (30) connectively attached to the hollow vessel (10); and a tapered magazine guide (40) connectively attached to the hollow vessel (10). Note: The hollow vessel plug (20) is shown threaded in the figures, but can be any suitable threaded or banded liquid tight plugging/closing means to include but not be limited to a plug means that is a rigid or flexible plug that incorporates friction, pressure, and/or expansion fit, any or all of which combinations may or may not have an emergency release pull-tab, ring, or flip-switch for rapid removal of the hollow vessel plug (20) and use of the emergency care/first aid material inside the hollow vessel (10).

[0009] Making the device of the invention as shown in Figures 1 and 2 starts by determining the volume and shape of the internal space available in the handle (or stock) of a firearm. The size and shape of the invented device for a given firearm with empty space in the handle or stock (or when designed for any other empty space/void of sufficient volume in any other device) is as measured from within a representative standard manufactured sample of that firearm (or other device).

[0010] Once the dimensions of the available space are determined and found to be of sufficient size so as to allow the introduction of the invented device, the insertable hollow vessel (10) de vice as shown in figures 1 and 2 is molded and formed to fit the intended space in the intended firearm (or other device). A first aid means (such as a hemostat agent) is introduced to the inside of the device. The hollow vessel plug (20), a threaded plug twist cap as shown in the figures of the preferred embodiment is added to the modeled insert (the hollow vessel with opening for a hollow vessel plug), after the first aid means is introduced to the inside of the device to retain same in safekeeping until needed.

[0011] As needed for the firearm, as is the case for a Glock™, a retaining nub (30) is connective ly attached to the hollow vessel (10) to assist in securing the invented device into the firearm. Further, as needed, as is the case for a Glock™, a tapered magazine guide (40) connectively at tached to the hollow vessel (10) is used to assist in guiding the invented device into the firearm and for guiding magazines into the firearm adjacent to the invented device installed therein. Ob viously the invention can be made and used without the retaining nub (30), and/or the tapered magazine guide (40), or with the retaining nub (30), and/or the tapered magazine guide (40) de signed and sized as needed for any other firearm or similar sized device with an empty space ca pable of holding the invented hollow vessel (10) with opening and vessel plug (20).

[0012] The Installation Instructions (for a Glock™ firearm), are as follows: (Note: No tools are needed, it installs in seconds, and it is reuse-able.)

[0013] Step 1 : Make sure firearm is unloaded and slide is locked open.

[0014] Step 2: Remove Magazine from firearm.

[0015] Step 3 : Lube inside of grip channel with a drop of light oil on the front and back surfaces.

[0016] Step 4: Verify you have the right size HEMOSTAT INSERT vessel for the firearm;

[0017] Step 5: Fill HEMOSTAT INSERT container with Cel ox™ ("Cel ox" is a registered trade mark of MedTrade Products Ltd.) or other hemostatic agent and hand tighten lid.

[0018] Step 6: Slide and wiggle HEMOSTAT INSERT into grip chamber gently until snap button pops into hole on grip. Do not use a knife or screwdriver as damage to the vessel may occur.

[0019] Step 7: You are ready to put your firearm back into service with the peace of mind that if you, a victim, or a colleague are injured in a threat encounter, your firearm will not only protect you but can be brought to your aid to stop bleeding in case of injury.

[0020] Step 8: Replace contents of the HEMOSTAT INSERT approximately every three years per the expiry date on the clotting agent package. Replace the HEMOSTAT INSERT at the first sign of wear or damage to the vessel; The Manufacturer recommend replacement of the HEMO STAT INSERT every three years at a minimum.

[0021] The Instructions for Use of the present invention with an installed hemostat agent are as follows:

[0022] Step 1 : Unload firearm and lock open slide.

[0023] Step 2: We recommend removing the magazine (although HEMOSTAT INSERT can be deployed with the magazine in the firearm in an emergency situation.

[0024] Step 3 : With the firearm upside down and pointed in a safe direction undo the HEMO STAT INSERT cap.

[0025] Step 4: Pour the Celox™ material into the wound and apply a compression cloth.

[0026] Step 5: Further follow use instructions as printed on the Celox™ package.

[0027] Step 6: Replace the cap.

[0028] Step 7: Sterilize the vessel with alcohol, allow to dry fully, and refill HEMOSTAT IN SERT for future emergency use.

[0029] Note: Be careful not to expose hemostatic crystals to moisture to avoid caking of the He mostatic product.

[0030] The preferred embodiment of the device of the present invention provides for improved emergency care via the hemostat agent immediately available to the firearm user with device of the present invention installed and a hemostat agent secured therein. Note: the "hemostat insert" referred to in these instructions is the hollow vessel device of the present invention with a hemo static blood clotting agent secured therein.

[0031] All illustrations of the drawings are for the purpose of describing selected versions of the present invention and are not intended to limit the scope of the present invention.

[0032] The important, novel, unique, and useful features of my invention are:

[0033] A major benefit of this invention is the consistent integrated carry of a hemostat blood clotting agent which is easy to deploy and self-administer, in the event of an injury.

[0034] Another useful benefit of this invention is that its weight gives the extremely light poly mer firearm slightly better weight balance and mass to combat recoil.

[0035] A third unique and useful benefit of this invention is that it plugs the rearward grip chan nel preventing dust and dirt from migrating into the trigger control group of the firearms works.

[0036] A fourth unique benefit of this invention is it can be refilled and reused over the lifetime of the firearm.

[0037] Yet another unique benefit of this invention is an integrated high-visibility screw-in plug that can be easily opened to access the hemostatic agent.

[0038] Another benefit of this invention is sizing or customizing of the hemostatic chamber or vessel to the various and multiple sized firearm frames. This maximizes the amount of hemostat ic agent available instead of a one size fits all. For example: Small frames hold 2 grams, Medi um frames hold 3 grams, Large frames hold 4 grams, Extra Large frames hold 6 grams.

[0039] One concluding benefit or dual purpose of this invention is that it is tapered on the end where it projects out of the rearward grip chamber; Hence it assists the firearms operator in feed ing a magazine into the firearm similar to an enhanced magazine well or guide.

[0040] Description of Invention Embodiments:

[0041] Description of the first embodiment: The invention is easily installed upon or in the firearm with no need for tools or extraordinary skill.

[0042] Description of the second embodiment: The invention is refillable and re-useable.

[0043] Description of the third embodiment: The invention can be easily and quickly deployed and self-administered.

[0044] Description of the fourth embodiment: The invention assists in guiding a magazine into the firearm during reloading.

[0045] Description of the fifth embodiment: The invention is designed to remain in the rearward grip channel at all times and hold from 2 to as much as 6 grams of hemostatic granules or pow der for wound treatment and to clot blood.

[0046] Concluding Section:

[0047] While the invention has been described in a number of specific embodiments and their advantages have been described herein in detail, it should be understood that numerous and vari ous changes, modifications, substitutions, configurations, and alterations will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art. These could be made without departing from the spirit of the invention and coverage as defined by the appended claims. Moreover, the potential applications of the dis closed techniques is not intended to be limited to the particular embodiments of the processes, machines, manufactures, means, methods and steps described herein.

[0048] As a person of ordinary skill in this art will readily appreciate from this disclosure, other enhancements, processes, machines, manufactures, means, methods, or steps, presently existing or later to be developed that perform substantially the same function or achieve substantially the same result or an improved result as the corresponding embodiments described herein may be utilized. Accordingly, the appended claims are intended to include, within their scope, such en hancements, processes, machines, manufactures, means, methods or steps.

[0049] It is noted that the present invention may be used in either a rearward or forearm grip de pending on the firearm. Further, it is noted that polymer brands, frame sizes, and specific calibers are not discussed herein. It will be appreciated lack of those specifics is not intended to limit the invention to the precise form, scale, and description described or drawn herein. Any number of rearward or forearm grips, firearm brands, calibers, frame sizes, positioning angles, or scaling, may be implemented and adapted to accomplish the claims herein.

[0050] The present invention may be embodied in other forms without departing from its spirit or essential characteristics. Further, it is noted, that there may well be applicability of the present invention in fields not herein described

[0051] Although the invention has been explained in relation to its preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that many other possible modifications and variations can be made without depart ing from the spirit and scope of the invention.