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CLAIMS What is claimed 1 A system for facilitating a financial transaction between a consumer and a merchant a consumer device including a consumer transaction a merchant device including a merchant transaction and a core communication system including a notification engine and a gateway for communicating with said consumer said merchant and at least one financial wherein the consumer device and merchant device communicate to one another via Bluetooth connectivity established upon the consumer device entering the geographic proximity of the merchant the core system transmits and receives messages regarding a financial transaction initiated by one of said consumer device and said merchant and said transaction is completed using response notifications indicating joint acceptance of said financial A method for a system including a notification engine and a gateway for communicating with applications resident in remote said method for facilitating a financial transaction comprising the steps receiving a transaction request from a first device relative to a second at least one of said devices indicating wireless connectivity with the other of said transmitting acknowledgement to said second device via a notification receiving confirmation from said second device of said confirmation including a transaction sending a query to a financial institution associated with said first device regarding said said query directed to determining sufficiency of funds in an receiving a response to said and delivering a confirmation of said transaction to each of said first and second devices and executing said The method of claim wherein one of said devices is associated with a purchaser and the other of said devices is associated with a The method of claim 2 where said wireless connectivity is Bluetooth The method of claim 2 where said wireless connectivity to Bluetooth low energy The method of claim wherein said indication of connectivity is by means of common data sent to and stored in each of said devices A transaction payment method for a consumer application on a mobile device that comprises the following opening a software application on a device at an enabled initiating a link to the system and a merchant application on a device via Bluetooth Low Energy initiating payment from the consumer software application to said system indicating that a proposed transaction has been initiated within a geographic range of said merchant software application and wherein the system receives corresponding data from the merchant software receiving a payment request from the merchant software accepting a request from the consumer application to make a payment and authorizing a charge for a corresponding order value by sending authorization and an order value via the merchant application to the system and directing the system to notify the consumer software application that the charge has been receiving authorization and a confirmation request from the merchant confirming the transaction by sending the confirmation to the system so that processing of the transaction can r 903 insufficientOCRQuality