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1. Creating surfaces with unique patterns and its process, whereby patterns and unique colour shades are created from specific small characters, characterized by first step of the procedure being a cleaning and degreasing of the selected product, after which the designated symbols, characters, or letters are applied by screen printing or printing to the surface, implemented in accordance with the desired larger pattern or colour shades. Finally, the material is dried and the cutout template is created and compiled in line with the product.

2. The process specified in Claim 1, characterized by the size of the applied characters (2) creating the unique pattern or colour is no larger than 3 mm.

3. Surfaces suitable for the process specified in Claims 1 and 2, characterized by the surface being flexible or rigid, such as textile, fabric, preferably elastic polyester, or wood, metal, or paper.

4. The process specified in Claims 1 to 3, characterized by the use of screen printing or printing with an accessory material to ensure the longevity of the created surface.