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A photo-bioreactor panel comprising: side wall panels; edge fixtures joining the side wall panels a short distance apart forming an inner volume inside the panel, for growing a photosynthetic culture in an aqueous liquid, the photo-bioreactor panel comprising:

a fluid channel extending in the inner volume with an inlet and an outlet, the channel configured to provide a labyrinthine flow path from the inlet to the outlet and to contain the photosynthetic culture, wherein the channel is formed by a plurality of ribs between the inner surfaces of the side walls facing each other; and

a light emitting diode panel placed along a side wall of the photo-bioreactor. The photo-bioreactor in claim 1 , wherein the photo-bioreactor is oriented vertically.

The photo-bioreactor in claim 1 , wherein at least some of the ribs are angled upward towards a top edge of the photo-bioreactor.

The photo-bioreactor in claim 4, wherein each angled rib is equidistant from another angled rib in a section.

The photo-bioreactor in claim 1 , wherein the light emitting diode is planar to the channel.

Method of product preservation for a produced photosynthetic culture, comprising:

treating a packaged photosynthetic culture product with a first cycle of high pressure processing;

incubating the packaged product; and

treating the packaged product with a second cycle of high pressure processing.