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1. (WO2018198151) GRINDING MACHINE

Pub. No.:    WO/2018/198151    International Application No.:    PCT/IT2018/050078
Publication Date: Fri Nov 02 00:59:59 CET 2018 International Filing Date: Sat Apr 28 01:59:59 CEST 2018
IPC: B24B 41/06
B24B 3/00
B23Q 3/04
B23Q 1/52
B23Q 5/52
B23Q 16/00
B24B 51/00
Applicants: MATRIX S.R.L.
Inventors: SAGGIN, Stefano
A grinding machine (10) for grinding tools (100; 100') comprises a support unit (11) configured to support a tool (100; 100') to be ground and provided with members suitable to incline it by certain angle (a) with respect to a horizontal reference plane (12); and an operating unit (13) that is mobile along a main axis of development (X) of the grinding machine (10) in order to move with respect to the support unit (11) and comprises abrasive means (14) intended to abrade at least a portion to be ground (101; 101a, 101b) of the tool (100; 100'). The grinding machine (10) comprises adjustment means (15) to adjust the inclination of the support unit (1 1) with respect to the reference plane (12). The adjustment means (15) are mobile parallel to the main axis of development (X) to move to a predetermined distance (D) from the reference plane (12).