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1. (WO2018159178) PUMP DEVICE

Pub. No.:    WO/2018/159178    International Application No.:    PCT/JP2018/002624
Publication Date: Sat Sep 08 01:59:59 CEST 2018 International Filing Date: Tue Jan 30 00:59:59 CET 2018
IPC: F04C 2/10
F04C 15/06
Inventors: KANETA Satoshi
兼田 諭志
This pump device is provided with: a body (10) including a pump containing chamber (11), a suction path (12), a discharge path (13), a first path (14), a second path (15), a first communication path (16), and a second communication path (17); a pump unit (20) contained in the pump containing chamber and rotating about a predetermined axis (S); a first suction check valve (30) and a first discharge check valve (40), which are arranged in the first path; and a second suction check valve (50) and a second discharge check valve (60), which are arranged in the second path. The first path (14) and the second path (15) are formed rectilinearly on both sides of the pump containing chamber (11). The abovementioned configuration makes it possible to achieve a simplified structure, compactness, low cost, etc.