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1. (WO2018131022) SOCCER TRAY
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The object of the invention is included in the technical field of games or recreations of sports for leisure and physical activity.


Ball sports are commonly practiced nowadays, among which soccer is probably the most practiced sport on the planet and the games or simulators related with said sports until now occupy large spaces and are difficult to transport.

US 5,599,025 shows us that there have always been attempts to play soccer on a table, in order to recreate a game or create game strategies.

In US 3,926,432 an interactive process is described that invites more than one pair of people to play. It takes up a large amount of space for the interaction and it is difficult to transport or move.

Document US 3,746,340 describes a portable game, which enables a soccer game to be recreated with more than one ball at a time.

It thus becomes necessary to develop a recreation of the sport of soccer in a simple manner where everyone can interact and it is important that anyone, family or friends, can participate whether it be outdoors or indoors, and in both cases with the same result.

Currently, there is no record of the existence of specific apparatuses or processes that enable a sport to be recreated, such as playing soccer, and involving persons of different ages that can play in equal conditions, regardless of age or gender equality.


The object of the present invention is a kit to simulate a ball sport, which enables a game of a sport, which could be soccer, to be reproduced by means of pulses of pressured air, blowing through a tube.

For that purpose, a tray can be arranged where the board is located, on which a preferably rectangular playing field has been provided, where boundaries on the board mark the game areas, having at least two goals for the game arranged at both of the smaller sides of the rectangle.

There can be defenses on the board defenses, and front obstacles are arranged thereon which, due to the arrangement thereof, force the players to use the walls of the tray or start from the board in order to be able to score goals by making a lightweight ball (that can be moved easily by the impact of blown air) move over the board by means of a tube to arrive inside the goal, where said tube enables each player to blow a stream of air on the ball making it move.

The object of the invention described here is easy to be assembled which enables, given the configuration thereof, it to be transported easily.


As a complement to the description provided herein, and for the purpose of helping to make the characteristics of the invention more readily understandable, according to a preferred practical exemplary embodiment thereof, said description is accompanied by a set of drawings constituting an integral part thereof which, by way of illustration and not limitation, represents the following:

Figure 1 shows a plan view of the object of the invention.

Figure 2 shows a diagram where the basic operations of the object of the invention are shown.

Figure 3 shows a perspective view of the object of the invention where two users are represented using the tubes used to blow air such that the ball is moved along the board.


The object of the invention is defined in a preferred embodiment thereof as a kit for developing a simulation of a ball game (5), for which reason a board (2) is used, which is preferably rectangular as shown in Figure 2, which is delimited by vertical walls (1 ) which start from the edges of the board, as seen in Figure 1 where said walls (1 ) appear in plan view showing a top view of them where the profile thereof is seen or, in a possible alternative embodiment, making use of the tray with vertical walls (1 ) in the perimeter thereof inside of which the board (2) is defined.

The object of the simulation in the case of soccer is to score a goal, for which purpose the ball (5) needs to be made to arrive inside goals (4) by dodging a series of obstacles (3), being able to use bounces of the ball (5) off of, at least, the walls (1 ) as seen in Figure 2. To do so, playing users carry respective tubes (6), at least two, one for each player if there are two of them, which enable air to pass therethrough and which, being oriented towards the ball (5) as seen in Figure 3, promote the movement thereof in the direction of the stream of air that flows inside the tube (6). Given that the ball (5) is configured with a size, weight and material such that the movement thereof is enabled when air impacts at a certain speed, the ball (5) is designed to be moved by means of the impact of the flow of air, for which reason the ball (5) can be moved along the table (2) as desired by each player or user carrying the tube (6).

Given that it is a kit for simulating or recreating a sport, such as soccer, the obstacles (3) are arranged on the surface of the board (2) as rival players that must be avoided or teammates with whom they interact by means of bounces of the ball (5). The kit can be completed with corresponding goals (4), respectively located on opposite sides of the rectangle-shaped board (2), when it is necessary to score a "goal" in the case of soccer, being able to carry out another simulation or game that does not require goals (4) in other possible embodiments.