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1. (WO2018105303) ANTENNA DEVICE

Pub. No.:    WO/2018/105303    International Application No.:    PCT/JP2017/040471
Publication Date: Fri Jun 15 01:59:59 CEST 2018 International Filing Date: Fri Nov 10 00:59:59 CET 2017
IPC: H01P 5/12
H01Q 21/06
Applicants: FUJIKURA LTD.
Inventors: HASEGAWA, Yuta
長谷川 雄大
GUAN, Ning
官 寧
In order to implement an antenna device for which the peak direction of a radiation pattern is not dependent on the frequency of the radiated electromagnetic waves, this antenna device is equipped with a ground layer (11) comprising a conductor, multiple array antennas (22) provided on an upper layer of the ground layer (11), and a Rotman lens (32) provided on a lower layer of the ground layer (11). Each array antenna (22i) includes a power feed line (23Li) in the center of which a power feed point (23Pi) is located, and multiple radiation elements (241i-248i, 251i-258i) connected to the power feed line (23Li), and has a point-symmetric shape for which the power feed point (23Pi) is the center of symmetry. The power feed points (23Pi) are connected to any of the output ports (322i) of the Rotman lens (32) via a slot (111i) formed in the ground layer (11).