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1. (WO2018101820) PIPE HANGER

Pub. No.:    WO/2018/101820    International Application No.:    PCT/NL2017/050789
Publication Date: Fri Jun 08 01:59:59 CEST 2018 International Filing Date: Wed Nov 29 00:59:59 CET 2017
IPC: F16L 3/11
F16L 3/14
H02G 3/00
Inventors: JUZAK, Marek
A pipe hanger (1) for supporting a pipe or the like, the pipe hanger comprising a suspension part (3) and a substantially U-shaped hanger part, said hanger part, in use, being arranged around the pipe, said hanger part comprising a loop portion with two limbs (5,6), which limbs (5,6) are resiliently moveable towards each other, each limb (5, 6) comprising an outwardly extending hook portion (7A, 7B) at an end thereof for suspending the hanger part, in use, from the suspension part (3), said suspension part (3) comprising a base and two legs (8A, 8B), said suspension part (3) being adapted to be connectable with a suspension rod (10) at the base of the suspension part (3), and said legs ( 8A, 8B) each extending from said base towards a distal end remote from the base, both legs ( 8A, 8B) comprising an opening to receive the hook portion (7A,7B) of the hanger part, wherein there is a spacing (SI) between the inner sides of the distal ends of the legs ( 8A,8B) of the suspension part (3), which spacing (SI), in an unloaded state, is smaller than or equal to the spacing (S2) between outward extremities of the hook portions (7A, 7B) of the hanger part, wherein the suspension part (3) further comprises guiding tabs (12A, 12B), said guiding tabs (12A, 12B) extending inwardly with respect to the legs (8A,8B), said guiding tabs (12A, 12B) being bent away from the legs ( 8A,8B), such that, when the limbs (5, 6) of the hanger part are introduced between the legs (8A,8B) of the suspension part (3) and moved upwards, the legs ( 8A, 8B) of the suspension part (3) initially resiliently force the limbs (5, 6) of the hanger part towards each other and, subsequently, the guiding tabs (12A,12B) of the suspension part (3) catch the limbs (5,6) of the hanger part and guide them outwardly, to move them away from each other, guiding the respective hook portions (7A, 7B) of the limbs (5,6) towards an edge of each respective opening in the legs (5,6), to arrange the hook portion (7A,7B) around the edge of the opening, thereby suspending the hanger part from the suspension part (3).