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1. (WO2018099771) VACUUM CLEANER

Pub. No.:    WO/2018/099771    International Application No.:    PCT/EP2017/079982
Publication Date: Fri Jun 08 01:59:59 CEST 2018 International Filing Date: Thu Nov 23 00:59:59 CET 2017
IPC: A47L 5/28
A47L 9/16
Inventors: LUBBERS, Matthijs Hendrikus
A vacuum cleaner comprises a nozzle (N) for cleaning a surface, a suction tube (T) for receiving input air from the nozzle (N), a cyclone device having a cyclone (C) and a dirt container (DC) both oriented substantially perpendicular to the suction tube (T), a cyclone device input coupled to the suction tube (T) from which the input air is transported, following a spiral around a center, in a first direction substantially perpendicular to the suction tube (T) to reach a stage (V) at which dirt is separated from the input air to obtain cyclone output air, from which stage the cyclone output air is conveyed through a conduit in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the suction tube (T) and opposite to the first direction to arrive at a cyclone device output, a filter (F) for filtering the cyclone output air, and an airflow generator (A) for generating an airflow through the suction tube (T), the cyclone (C) and the filter (F), wherein when the nozzle (N) is touching the surface, the suction tube (T) is put in a substantially horizontal position, the first and second directions are substantially perpendicular to the surface, with the notion substantially perpendicular allowing for a deviation of not more than 35 degrees.