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1. (WO2018085867) A CISTERN

Pub. No.:    WO/2018/085867    International Application No.:    PCT/ZA2017/050081
Publication Date: Sat May 12 01:59:59 CEST 2018 International Filing Date: Thu Nov 02 00:59:59 CET 2017
IPC: E03D 1/30
E03D 3/12
E03D 1/14
E03D 1/22
E03D 9/05
Applicants: ROSS-KENT, Dylan Hugh
Inventors: ROSS-KENT, Dylan Hugh
This invention relates to a cistern (1010): More specifically, the invention relates primarly to concealed cisterns for toilets having integrated, and preferably adjustable, dual-flushing and odour extraction capability. The cistern (1010) includes a primary chamber (1020) for storing a volume of liquid, a liquid inlet (1026) for the primary chamber (1020) of the cistern (1010) with liquid, an air outlet (1028) for exhausting air from the primary chamber (1020) of the cistern (1010) operatively during filling; and a liquid outlet (30) through which liquid operatively stowed in the primary chamber (1020) of the cistern is dischargeable. The cistern (1010) further includes a fill valve for controlling liquid supply into the primary chamber from the liquid inlet (1026) and a flush valve (60) for controlling flow through the liquid outlet (30). The flush valve (60) comprises of a flush valve seat and a flush plug (1064) being moveable relative to the flush valve seat between an open position, wherein the flush plug ( 1064) is displaced from the flush valve seat thereby to open the liquid outlet (30) and enable the liquid in the primary chamber (1020) to discharge there through during flushing, and a closed position, wherein the flush plug (1064) is seated on the flush valve seat thereby to close the liquid outlet (30) and prevent the passage of liquid there through. The cistern (1010) also includes at least one actuator (1070) for actuating displacement of the flush plug (1064) from the closed position to the open position, and a controller (1 123) for controlling one or more of a group of flushing conditions including: (i) flush type, wherein the cistern (1010) is adjustable between a single flush, dual-flush, on-demand flush or a combination of such flush type conditions; and (ii) flush time, wherein the time of the displacement of the flush plug (1064) by the actuator (1070) for each flush type condition is adjustable.