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International Application Status
24.01.2019International Application Status ReportHTML, PDF, XMLPDF, XML

Published International Application
12.04.2018Sequence Listings TXT TXT , ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018Initial Publication with ISR( (A1 15/2018))PDF (62p.)PDF (62p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)

Search and Examination-Related Documents
12.04.2018Search StrategyPDF (1p.)PDF (1p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018(ISA/237) Written Opinion of the International Searching AuthorityPDF (10p.)PDF (10p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018(ISA/210) International Search ReportPDF (6p.)PDF (6p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)

Related Documents on file at the International Bureau
24.04.2018(IB/308) Notice Informing the Applicant of the Communication of the International Application to the Designated OfficesPDF (1p.)PDF (1p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018Power of AttorneyPDF (1p.)PDF (1p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018(RO/102) Notification Concerning Payment of Prescribed FeesPDF (2p.)PDF (2p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018(RO/101) Request formPDF (6p.)
12.04.2018(RO/105) Notification of the International Application Number and of the International Filing DatePDF (1p.)PDF (1p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018(IB/304) Notification Concerning Submission or Transmittal of Priority DocumentPDF (1p.)PDF (1p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018Application Body as FiledPDF (57p.)PDF (57p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018Cover LetterPDF (2p.)PDF (2p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018Priority DocumentPDF (81p.)PDF (81p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018(IB/301) Notification of receipt of record copyPDF (1p.)PDF (1p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)
12.04.2018(IB/311) Notification Concerning Availability of Publication of the International ApplicationPDF (1p.)PDF (1p.), ZIP(XML + TIFFs)