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Pub. No.:    WO/2018/041436    International Application No.:    PCT/EP2017/065417
Publication Date: Fri Mar 09 00:59:59 CET 2018 International Filing Date: Fri Jun 23 01:59:59 CEST 2017
IPC: B23C 5/10
B23P 15/34
Applicants: DATRON AG
Inventors: DOLZE, Frank
In a single-lip milling tool (1) having a shank portion (2) and having a machining portion (3), wherein an end lip (5) is formed on an end (4), remote from the shank portion (2), of the machining portion (3), said end lip (5) extending in a radial direction from an outer end (9) at an outer circumferential periphery (7) to an inner end (10) that is arranged at a distance from the outer circumferential periphery (7) and is close to the axis of rotation, the end lip (5) has, at its outer end (9) facing the outer circumferential periphery (7), a planar portion (12) in which the end lip (5) is at a constant planar distance (13) from a reference plane (14) extending perpendicularly to the axis of rotation (11) in the shank portion (2), and an inclined portion (17) adjoining the planar portion (12) and extending as far as the inner end (10), the end lip (5) being at a shorter distance from the reference plane (14) than the planar distance (13) in said inclined portion (17). The planar portion (12) of the end lip (5) has a length of between 2% and 60%, preferably a length of between 3% and 20%, of the length of the end lip (5). The distance of the end lip (5) from the reference plane (14) in the inclined portion (17) decreases continuously from the planar portion (12) to the inner end (10) of the end lip (5).