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1. (WO2018037906) COMPRESSOR

Pub. No.:    WO/2018/037906    International Application No.:    PCT/JP2017/028710
Publication Date: Fri Mar 02 00:59:59 CET 2018 International Filing Date: Wed Aug 09 01:59:59 CEST 2017
IPC: F04C 29/06
F04B 39/00
F04C 23/00
Inventors: TAKAHASHI, Shinichi
高橋 慎一
江崎 郁男
Provided is a compressor in which an appropriate pulsation frequency component of a fluid can be sufficiently reduced by a muffler while the performance of the compressor is ensured. A compressor 1 is provided with a compression mechanism 4 that compresses a refrigerant, and a muffler 10 that reduces pulsation of the refrigerant compressed by the compression mechanism 4. The muffler 10 is provided with: a muffler body 11 that takes refrigerant into the interior thereof from the compression mechanism; and a cover 12 that forms a cavity 120 with an outer periphery 11S of the muffler body 11, the cover 12 discharging the refrigerant taken in from the interior of the muffler body 11. A plurality of openings 11H passing through in the plate thickness direction are formed in the muffler body 11, separately from a discharge port 11P through which refrigerant passes into the cavity 120 from the interior of the muffler body 11. Due to the relationship between the speed of sound C, the cross-sectional area S of each of the openings 11H, the plate thickness L, and the volume V of the cavity 120, Helmholtz resonance arises in air masses 15 located inside the openings 11H leading into the cavity 120, whereby sound is absorbed.