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Pub. No.:    WO/2018/025285    International Application No.:    PCT/IT2017/000162
Publication Date: Fri Feb 09 00:59:59 CET 2018 International Filing Date: Fri Aug 04 01:59:59 CEST 2017
IPC: B25B 27/04
B25B 27/06
G01L 5/00
The metal dowels applied with resin paste are used for the installation of machined parts and components in the manufacturing. Their characteristic allows to make fixing more simple and quick, if compared with the mechanical dowel. They need a careful installation due to the drilling hole diameter and they need the hole cleaning before applying the paste for fixing. Sometime, especially in the external sites, it may happen that some operations aren't performed according to the rules given by companies producing the metal dowel. Following of this analysis I have created this new type of equipment because the operator could have the necessity to verify the resistance of the metal dowel after the installation. On this basis, I have drawn this equipment to create a compact equipment that can be used in external sites. The equipment allows to apply a variable extracting force according to the external diameter of the threaded rod of the metal dowel or to the diameter of the internal threaded hole in the dowel. To obtain a variable strain force for the different dowel diameters a system is used with hydraulic control unit to vary the force easily. The working principle of the equipment is based on a shaft with adapter that is screwed on/in metal dowel on which the test of solicitation is performed; that can be the dowel at threaded rod or the dowel with internal threaded hole. This shaft must exert a force of traction on the metal dowel putting in pressure the internal chamber placed on the upper base of the piston. Pistons are equipped with the legs to make the reaction on the same surface where the dowel is applied. To make the external or internal screwing on the metal dowel it is necessary to divide the pull shaft into two parts: the first part is leaned on the fifth wheel and the second part is rotating, that can made at shape of turbine or at rotation flange bearing the toothed wheel. Both bring the adapter for screwing on the metal dowel. When the test of traction is needed, the second part that is rotating, is moved together with at the first part of the shaft.