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C laims :

An air purification system, comprising:

a pollution control unit configured to communicate with a monitoring station through a server, the pollution control unit having

at least one air purification unit;

an ON/OFF controller for switching ON or OFF the air purification unit;

at least one sensor for sensing atmospheric pollution level;

at least one sensor for sensing dust accumulation in the air purification unit; and

a microcontroller communicating with the sensors thereby communicating with the ON/OFF controller for controlling the air purification unit based on atmospheric pollution level, the microcontroller communicating with the server through a communication device, the monitoring station monitoring the air purification unit through the mi crocontrol I er and the server.

The air purification system as claimed in claim 1, wherein the sensor senses amount of hazardous gases such as CO, C02, N02 and the like

An air purification unit comprising:

a housing, having an inlet and an outlet, the inlet having a first grill, the outlet having a second grill;

a first filter removably positioned at the inlet of the housing; a fan unit having a first fan, a second fan and a motor positioned therein, the fan unit facilitating suction of polluted air from the inlet through the first filter and releasing the filtered air through the outlet; and

¾ a second filter removably positioned between the fan unit and the outlet of the housing .

4. The air purification unit as claimed in claim 3, wherein the first grill has a conical shape.

¾ 5. The air purification unit as claimed in claim 3, wherein the first filter and the second filter have a mesh size to capture dust particles having size from about PM 2.5 to about PM 10.

The air purification unit as claimed in claim 3, said air purification unit includes at least one scrubbing unit attached to at least one filter for removal of harmful elements of from the air.

A method of purification of air comprising:

i . sensi ng the I evel of pol I uti on i n the atmospheri c ai r; ii. determining if the air purification unit is required to turn ON or OFF to maintain safe level of pollution; and

iii. turning ON or OFF the air purification unit by ON/ OFF controller configured with the air purification unit via the microcontroller for purifying of atmospheric air through at least one air purification unit of a pollution control unit when the level of the pollution exceeds the predetermined level.

8. The method of purification of air as claimed in claim 7, wherein the sensing the level includes levels of dust and harmful gases in the air.