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Pub. No.:    WO/2017/203161    International Application No.:    PCT/FR2017/051276
Publication Date: Fri Dec 01 00:59:59 CET 2017 International Filing Date: Wed May 24 01:59:59 CEST 2017
IPC: A61B 17/12
A61B 17/132
Applicants: HSBI
Inventors: LAMAS, Patrick
DE LA CASA, Xavier
NEAUD, Nicolas
PICARD, Olivier
CHATEAU, Patrick
Arterial and venous haemostatic compression device (1) comprising a cuff (2) made of semirigid material, exhibiting: – an upper arch (3) that accepts a dressing (7) and comprising a right-hand upper branch (31) and a left-hand upper branch (32) which are connected by a front upper branch (33); – a lower arch (4) comprising a right-hand lower branch (41) and a left-hand lower branch (42) which are connected by a front lower branch (43); – a right-hand rear branch (51) connecting the right-hand upper and lower branches, and a left-hand rear branch connecting the left-hand upper and lower branches so that the arches are positioned facing one another; the said bracelet being configured so as to: – deform elastically in the direction of a parting of the arches under the effect of a load applied to the bracelet so as to allow one of the limbs of a patient to be positioned between these arches, – return naturally by elastic return to a configuration of rest in the direction of the arches moving closer together, once the said load has been released.