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1. (WO2017140831) ANTIBODIES FOR IL-17C
Available information on National Phase entries(more information)
OfficeEntry DateNational NumberNational Status
Singapore 18.07.201811201806161T
Israel 23.07.2018260733
Eurasian Patent Office 08.08.2018201891594Published: 31.01.2019
United States of America 08.08.201816076401Published: 14.02.2019
Mexico 14.08.2018MX/a/2018/009860
Japan 15.08.20182018543220
Canada 16.08.20183014842
Philippines 16.08.201812018501739
Peru 17.08.2018001543-2018Published: 15.10.2018
Costa Rica 17.09.2018CR2018-000449
European Patent Office (EPO) 19.09.20182017705873Published: 26.12.2018
Republic of Korea1020187024953Published: 08.10.2018