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WE/I claim as follows:

1. A hybrid air conditioner system add-on, comprising:

a. An ADD-ON system for direct evaporative-cooling of the condensing-radiator of the conventional air conditioning systems currently air cooled refrigerant-condensing-radiator. b. Comprising a water reservoir, pumping unit, and controller, for water-evaporative-cooling via an ADD-ON unit, far more effectively removes the latent-heat-of-condensation of the condensing refrigerant, reducing the pressure required by the compressor to facilitate condensation of the refrigerant.

c. That the reduced pressure required, proportionally reduces the power consumption of the compressor, in turn reducing the cost to operate the system by 30% to 50% depending on environmental conditions.

d. That the reduced pressures required by the compressor reduces its noise level considerably and extends the life of the compressor.

e. That the ADD-ON aspect of the system greatly reduces the cost of upgrading old air conditioning systems currently in service.

f. That directly evaporative-cooling the refrigerant-condensing-radiator is far more effective than adding an independent evaporative cooling system for cooling water then using a water to refrigerant heat exchanger as in the prior art and requires far less equipment reducing the cost to upgrade or manufacture entirely new units.

g. That using for example, reverse-osmosis to purify and reduce the TDS levels of the makeup water will avoid calcification and extend the life of the system reducing cost.

h. That the recycling of the condensate water from the evaporator-radiator inside the cooled space eliminates the often messy need to dispose of said water and eliminates wasting said water since it is in effect purified water.

i. That the fact that the air expelled from the condensing-radiator which is normally hot and heats the outside environment causing reduced efficiency to itself and adjacent units is now cool helping the efficiency of any adjacent units while make the outside environment more comfortable for its inhabitants.

j. That the present invention is extremely important to the environment because of the considerable reduction of load on the electrical grid reducing carbon emissions and therefor reducing.