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1. (WO2017079140) INHIBITORS OF RET
Available information on National Phase entries(more information)
OfficeEntry DateNational NumberNational Status
Israel 24.04.2018258902
Japan 27.04.20182018521916
Philippines 27.04.201812018500907
Canada 30.04.20183003721
Chile 02.05.20182018-1181Published: 12.10.2018
Mexico 02.05.2018MX/a/2018/005528Published: 20.11.2018
Singapore 02.05.201811201803653Q
Australia 08.05.20182016348402Published: 31.05.2018
Eurasian Patent Organization 01.06.2018201891087Published: 28.12.2018
Republic of Korea 01.06.20181020187015706Published: 02.07.2018
European Patent Office 04.06.20182016794885Published: 12.09.2018