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Pub. No.:    WO/2017/069651    International Application No.:    PCT/RU2015/000776
Publication Date: Fri Apr 28 01:59:59 CEST 2017 International Filing Date: Sat Nov 14 00:59:59 CET 2015
IPC: A61B 5/0404
Applicants: EZHKOV, Alexander Viktorovich
ЕЖКОВ, Александр Викторович
Inventors: EZHKOV, Alexander Viktorovich
ЕЖКОВ, Александр Викторович
BUTKEVICH, Vladislav Henrykovich
БУТКЕВИЧ, Владислав Хэнрыкович
USANOV, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
УСАНОВ, Владимир Александрович
The utility model relates to the field of medicine, in particular to devices for producing a cardiogram, and also to the field of accessories for mobile devices (mobile telephones, smart phones, a pocket personal computer (communicator) having the functions of a mobile telephone, iPhone or any other device operating on a Windows, Android or iOS platform) and is directed towards increasing the accuracy of measurements, the reliability of the information received regarding cardiac activity, and providing the possibility of observing the signal of an electric cardiac pacemaker directly on the screen of the mobile device, and also towards increasing the validity and simplification of the design and avoiding unnecessary energy consumption on transmitting data wirelessly. Said technical result is achieved in a device for producing a cardiogram, said device being in the form of a housing casing for mobile devices, the housing casing containing electrical field sensors, each of which is connected to a differential amplifier and to a potentiometer controllable by a controller which is connected to a crypto-processor, a power source and to an analog to digital converter (ADC) and transmits information by a USB interface to the mobile device, wherein the ADC receives information from the differential amplifier.