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International application No. Applicant's or agent's file reference
PCT/GB2016/051927 PX213611WO
International filing date (day/month/year) (Earliest) Priority Date (day/month/year)
28 June 2016 30 June 2015
FOR FURTHER ACTION: See Form PCT/ISA/220 as well as, where applicable, item 5 below.
This international search report has been prepared by this International Searching Authority and is transmitted to the applicant according to Article 18. A copy is being transmitted to the International Bureau.
It is also accompanied by a copy of each prior art document cited in this report.
1. Basis of the report
a. With regard to the language, the international search was carried out on the basis of:
the international application in the language in which it was filed.
a translation of the international application into                                          which is the language of a translation furnished for the purposes of international search (Rules 12.3(a) and 23.1(b)).
This international search report has been established taking into account the rectification of an obvious mistake authorized by or notified to this Authority under Rule 91 (Rule 43.6bis(a)).
With regard to any nucleotide and/or amino acid sequence disclosed in the international application, the international search was carried out on the basis of a sequence listing:
2. Certain claims were found unsearchable
3. Unity of invention is lacking
4. Title of the invention
The text is approved as submitted by the applicant.
The text has been established by this Authority to read as follows:
5. Abstract
The text is approved as submitted by the applicant.
The text has been established, according to Rule 38.2, by this Authority as it appears in Box No. IV. The applicant may, within one month from the date of mailing of this international search report, submit comments to this Authority.
6. Drawings
The figure of the drawings to be published with the abstract is Figure No.     2    
as suggested by the applicant.
as selected by this Authority, because the applicant failed to suggest a figure.
as selected by this Authority, because this figure better characterizes the invention.
none of the figures is to be published with the abstract.


     G01N 21/64 (2006.01)i; G01N 21/87 (2006.01)i
According to International Patent Classification (IPC) or to both national classification and IPC


Minimum documentation searched (classification system followed by classification symbols):
     G01N; B07C
Documentation searched other than minimum documentation to the extent that such documents are included in the fields searched:
Electronic data base consulted during the international search (name of data base and, where practicable, search terms used):


Category* Citation of document, with indication, where appropriate, of the relevant passages Relevant to claim No.
GB 1384813 A (DE BEERS CONS MINES LTD) 26 February 1975 (1975-02-26)
page 1, lines 12-80
page 2, lines 29-40
EP 0341093 A2 (GERSAN ETS [LI]) 08 November 1989 (1989-11-08)
abstract; claim 7; figure 3
column 1, lines 13-34
column 2, lines 18-43
column 3, lines 36-45
column 5, lines 5-54
US 5883389 A (SPEAR PAUL MARTYN [GB] ET AL) 16 March 1999 (1999-03-16)
cited in the application
abstract; claims 1-3; figure 1
column 2, lines 7-46
column 5, line 27 - column 6, line 26
column 7, lines 56-60
WO 9957544 A1 (GERSAN ETS [LI]; SPEAR PAUL MARTYN [GB]; MARTINEAU PHILIP MAURICE [GB]) 11 November 1999 (1999-11-11)
abstract; claims 1-23; figures 1,2
page 8, last paragraph
GB 2516297 A (DE BEERS CENTENARY AG [CH]) 21 January 2015 (2015-01-21)
page 1
US 2006062446 A1 (PORAT ZVI [IL]) 23 March 2006 (2006-03-23)
paragraphs [0002], [0013]; figure 1
TAKIYAMA K ET AL, "Photoluminescence and decay kinetics of indirect free excitons in diamonds under the near-resonant laser excitation", SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, PERGAMON, GB,Vol. 99, No. 11, 01 September 1996 (1996-09-01), page 793-797,
the whole document
Special categories of cited documents:
document defining the general state of the art which is not considered to be of particular relevance
earlier application or patent but published on or after the international filing date
document which may throw doubts on priority claim(s) or which is cited to establish the publication date of another citation or other special reason (as specified)
document referring to an oral disclosure, use, exhibition or other means
document published prior to the international filing date but later than the priority date claimed
later document published after the international filing date or priority date and not in conflict with the application but cited to understand the principle or theory underlying the invention
document of particular relevance; the claimed invention cannot be considered novel or cannot be considered to involve an inventive step when the document is taken alone
document of particular relevance; the claimed invention cannot be considered to involve an inventive step when the document is combined with one or more other such documents, such combination being obvious to a person skilled in the art
document member of the same patent family


Patent document cited in search report Publication date
Patent family member(s) Publication date
GB 1384813 A
26 February 1975
BE 779176 A1
GB 1384813 A
IE 36075 B1
IL 38744 A
NL 7201821 A
OA 4073 A
ZA 7100900 B
30 May 1972
26 February 1975
04 August 1976
25 April 1975
15 August 1972
30 October 1979
30 August 1972
EP 0341093 A2
08 November 1989
AU 630351 B2
AU 3454089 A
BR 8902133 A
DE 341093 T1
EP 0341093 A2
GB 2219080 A
IN 174123 B
JP H0285749 A
29 October 1992
09 November 1989
02 January 1990
11 April 1991
08 November 1989
29 November 1989
17 September 1994
27 March 1990
US 5883389 A
16 March 1999
AU 676274 B2
AU 6146694 A
DE 69410242 D1
DE 69410242 T2
EP 0687356 A1
GB 2275788 A
HK 1006330 A1
IL 108871 A
JP 3618345 B2
JP H09505663 A
US 5883389 A
WO 9420837 A1
06 March 1997
26 September 1994
18 June 1998
29 October 1998
20 December 1995
07 September 1994
19 February 1999
08 February 1998
09 February 2005
03 June 1997
16 March 1999
15 September 1994
WO 9957544 A1
11 November 1999
AU 3721799 A
WO 9957544 A1
23 November 1999
11 November 1999
GB 2516297 A
21 January 2015
CA 2918545 A1
CN 105593668 A
EP 3022549 A1
GB 2516297 A
JP 2016528489 A
US 2016178530 A1
WO 2015007873 A1
22 January 2015
18 May 2016
25 May 2016
21 January 2015
15 September 2016
23 June 2016
22 January 2015
US 2006062446 A1
23 March 2006
Name and mailing address of the ISA/:
European Patent Office
P.B. 5818, Patentlaan 2, 2280 HV Rijswijk,
Telephone No. (+31-70)340-2040
Facsimile No. (+31-70)340-3016
Date of the actual completion of the international search:
28 September 2016
Date of mailing of the international search report:
10 October 2016
Authorized officer:
Brison, Olivier
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