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1. (WO2016095063) AIR-CHAMBER SEAT

Pub. No.:    WO/2016/095063    International Application No.:    PCT/CH2015/000188
Publication Date: Jun 23, 2016 International Filing Date: Dec 17, 2015
IPC: A61H 33/02
A61H 33/00
A47K 3/12
E04H 4/14
Applicants: MUELLER, Peter A.
Inventors: MUELLER, Peter A.
The invention relates to a pivotable reclining seat (1) which is rotatably mounted on the wall (S1) of a swimming pool and the lower part (1b) of the seat of which is adjustable in height in a shallow swimming pool (S). The reclining seat (1) has chambers, in the form of a buoyancy chamber (4) and a nozzle chamber (8), which conduct variable quantities of water independently of one another, and the pump (14) is equipped to be reversible and has non-return valves, or is a pump (14) that rotates in one direction and that is operatively connected to a semi-automatic spherical valve (20).