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1. (WO2016085359) CODED LOCK

Pub. No.:    WO/2016/085359    International Application No.:    PCT/PL2015/000182
Publication Date: Jun 2, 2016 International Filing Date: Nov 9, 2015
IPC: E05B 37/04
Applicants: GAWERSKI, Ryszard
Inventors: GAWERSKI, Ryszard
A coded lock contains a housing (1) with a sliding deadbolt (2) coupled to a control disk (4) via a mechanism for lock controlling and coding. The control disk (4) is linked to a mechanism for driving the deadbolt (2) base (3) sliding motion and a mechanism for locking and unlocking that deadbolt base. The mechanism for lock controlling and coding comprises at least one code disk (21) and at least one magnetic element (35). The control disk (4) contains an external seat (8) with an internal handwheel (6), in which a central pushbutton (5) is seated, a first sleeve (12) and a locking sleeve (15) having been mounted on that pushbutton. The internal handwheel (6) has a numerical graduation (7). The lock comprises a unit for transferring the sliding motion of the internal handwheel (6) to a rotational motion of the locking sleeve (15), which is mated to at least one code disk (21). Inside the lock there is crank (30) capable of sliding and rotating, whose arm parallel to the symmetry axis of the lock code disks (21) comprises at least one magnetic element (35) mated to the operating member (28) of at least one code disk (21).