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Pub. No.:    WO/2016/060402    International Application No.:    PCT/KR2015/010594
Publication Date: Fri Apr 22 01:59:59 CEST 2016 International Filing Date: Thu Oct 08 01:59:59 CEST 2015
IPC: B60B 33/04
B60B 33/06
B43L 1/02
Applicants: OH, Jun-Seok
Inventors: OH, Jun-Seok
Disclosed are: a caster mounted on a teaching aid including a whiteboard, or furniture, etc. so as to conveniently and stably convert between a movement state and a stopping state; and a whiteboard including the caster. The present invention relates to a caster comprising: a wheel which is coupled to the lower end of a fixing shaft having a male screw formed on the upper side thereof so that a nut is fastened; a wheel lifting means which comprises a slide member and an eccentric rotary member, wherein the slide member has a shaft hole punched on the central part thereof so as to allow the fixing shaft of the wheel to be penetrated and fastened by the nut, and has a working shaft hole formed on the circumferential surface thereof, and the eccentric rotary member has an eccentric shaft formed at one side thereof and a shaft bolt formed protrudingly from the center part of the other side thereof, the eccentric shaft being fitted into the working shaft hole of the slide member; a main body which comprises a first working space, a second working space, a third working space, and a female screw, wherein the first working space is penetrated at the central part thereof in the vertical direction so that the slide member is fitted thereto and can move up and down, the second working space enables the wheel to rotate and move up and down, the third working space is penetrated in the horizontal direction so that an eccentric member is fitted thereto and the eccentric shaft can be introduced into the first working space, and the female screw is formed on the upper part of the main body for the fastening purpose; a working lever which has a coupling hole punched on the central part thereof, the coupling hole being fitted into the shaft bolt of the eccentric rotary member; a fixing nut which is screw-coupled to the shaft bolt of the eccentric rotary member so as to fix the working lever; and a fixing means which comprises a first fixing part or a second fixing part so as to prevent the eccentric rotary member fitted into the third working space of the main body from being detached and stop the rotation of the eccentric rotary member. The caster is mounted on a pedestal fixed to the lower end of a column frame on which the whiteboard is mounted.