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Pub. No.:    WO/2015/118234    International Application No.:    PCT/FR2015/000024
Publication Date: Fri Aug 14 01:59:59 CEST 2015 International Filing Date: Thu Jan 29 00:59:59 CET 2015
IPC: A45D 40/04
A45D 40/16
Inventors: JOULIA, Pierre
The invention relates to a rotary dispensing device (1) which to be conditioned by pouring the cosmetic paste (2), characterized in that said device mainly consists of a grasping base (3) having a bottom provided with a filling port (3f) for pouring the cosmetic paste (2), a slider (5), an outer body (4), a lid (6) and a cap (7) for sealing the filling port (3f) of the base (3) after pouring the cosmetic paste (2). The grasping base (3) has a central flue (3c) through which passes a conditioning orifice with an inner wall (3d) having on the upper portion thereof means for guiding and locking by at least one projection (3e) for engaging by tightening with additional means belonging to the slider (5), wherein said grasping base (3) also has at least one inner circular ring (3b) provided on the inner surface (3a). The slider (5) is fitted with means for guiding and locking that are arranged across a circular outer wall (5a) of the central flue (5i), comprising at least one helical groove (5c) that engages by tightening with the projection (3e) of the grasping base (3), wherein the top surface of the slider (5) also consists of a ring (5j) having at least one side guide tab (5b) concentric with the axis (XY) and of a height (h) greater than the longitudinal travel of the helical groove (5c) and oriented towards the bottom of the slider (5) so as not to increase the overall height of said slider (5). The side tab (5b) is connected to the central flue (5i) only by the ring (5j) thus letting the inner circular wall (3d) of the central duct (3c) of the base (3) slide between said side tab (5b) and the central flue (5i). The slider (5) comprises means for pouring the cosmetic paste (2) through a filling port (5f) located on a central flue (5i), as well as means for blocking said cosmetic paste (2) by at least one circular ring (5g) connected to the central flue (5i) by at least one ridge (5h) for blocking in rotation and translation the cosmetic paste (2) on the slider (5). The body (4) comprises a circular outer groove (4d) arranged at the bottom outer portion that engages with a circular inner ring (3b) of the grasping base (3) by one rotational degree of freedom and one longitudinal locking along the axis (XY).