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1. (WO2014203899) PARKING DEVICE

Pub. No.:    WO/2014/203899    International Application No.:    PCT/JP2014/066043
Publication Date: Thu Dec 25 00:59:59 CET 2014 International Filing Date: Wed Jun 18 01:59:59 CEST 2014
IPC: B60T 1/06
F16D 65/28
F16H 61/28
F16D 121/14
F16D 125/70
F16D 127/06
F16D 129/08
Applicants: AISIN AW CO., LTD.
Inventors: IWATA, Akihito
岩田 昭仁
TAKEI, Tadamasa
武井 但全
NAKA, Kenichi
仲 健一
A hydraulic unit (30) and an electromagnetic unit (50) are disposed in directions orthogonal to each other. Furthermore, the electromagnetic unit (50) is configured such that: when a current is being passed through a coil (64), a solenoid shaft (52) is held (i.e. movement thereof towards a right side in the accompanying figure is restricted); and, during movement of a piston rod (32) when a current is not being passed through the coil (64), the solenoid shaft (52) is allowed to move towards the right side in the figure. In a parking-lock release state, when hydraulic pressure applied to a piston (38) is reduced as a result of not passing a current through the coil (64), a roller (48) of a pin (46) of the piston rod (32) comes into contact with a tip (54) of the solenoid shaft (52), thereby causing the solenoid shaft (52) to move towards the right side in the figure as the piston rod (32) moves downwards in the figure, and switching into a parking locked state.