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1. (WO2014201756) IN-EGG BEATER

Pub. No.:    WO/2014/201756    International Application No.:    PCT/CN2013/081019
Publication Date: Thu Dec 25 00:59:59 CET 2014 International Filing Date: Thu Aug 08 01:59:59 CEST 2013
IPC: A47J 43/10
Applicants: HE, Qitao
Inventors: HE, Qitao
An in-egg beater comprises a fixing casing, a shock-absorbing fixing mechanism, and ropes (2). The fixing casing comprises an upper fixing casing (3) and a lower fixing casing (4). The upper fixing casing (3) and the lower fixing casing (4) are detachably connected together to form a sealed hollow cavity for placing an egg. The shock-absorbing fixing mechanism is disposed on the inner surface of the fixing casing, and is used for fixing the egg in the fixing casing. The upper fixing casing (3) is connected to at least two ropes (2). The lower fixing casing (4) is connected to at least two ropes (2). By using the apparatus, more possibilities of egg cooking are provided, and inconvenient factors in conventional egg cooking are avoided.