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Pub. No.:    WO/2014/191877    International Application No.:    PCT/IB2014/061630
Publication Date: Fri Dec 05 00:59:59 CET 2014 International Filing Date: Fri May 23 01:59:59 CEST 2014
IPC: B21D 28/12
B21D 28/24
Inventors: MENEGHETTI, Nicola
A punching apparatus comprises a beating element (2) that is arranged for interacting with at least one punching tool (30) and is movable inside containing means (3) along and around a work axis (A), a first rotating actuator (4) coupled by transmission means (10) to the beating element (2) for moving the latter linearly along the work axis (A) between an internal operating position (R) and an external operative position (T) and driving the punching tool (30), a second rotating actuator (5) connected to the beating element (2) and arranged for rotating the latter around the work axis (A), in particular for angularly orienting the punching tool (30); the second rotating actuator comprises a second electric motor (5) provided with a stator (51) fixed to the containing means (3) and a rotor (52) that is internal and coaxial with the stator (51) and connected to the beating element (2) in such a way as to rotate with the latter, the rotor (52) extending along the work axis (A) in such a way as to face, and be engaged with, said stator (51) between the operating positions (R, T) to rotate around the work axis (A) when the second electric motor (5) is operated.