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1. (WO2013156975) PACKAGING SYSTEM

Pub. No.:    WO/2013/156975    International Application No.:    PCT/IB2013/053108
Publication Date: Fri Oct 25 01:59:59 CEST 2013 International Filing Date: Sat Apr 20 01:59:59 CEST 2013
IPC: B65B 21/06
B65B 35/44
B65B 35/46
B65B 29/00
B65G 47/31
B65G 47/84
B65G 47/68
B65G 47/71
B65G 15/02
Applicants: OCME S.R.L.
Inventors: STOCCHI, Gabriele
A bottle packaging system in a bottling line comprises the following components: a pick-up device (2) having a rotating carousel to pick up the bottles (11) from a labelling or filling machine (1), a rectilinear, multi- lane (4, 4') conveying belt (3), a packaging machine, such as a shrinkwrap machine (6) or a cartoning machine, a transport system (7) to connect the packs exiting from the packaging machine (6) with downstream devices, wherein this system comprises, at a grip circumference (C) of the rotating carousel (2), which corresponds to the point of release of the bottles (11) by gripping means (13), a connecting zone (12) with the conveying belt (3), wherein the connecting zone (12) is constituted by a plurality of adjacent flexible chain belts with a spiral progression, that is to say, with increasing curvature radius, which constitute as many lanes (14), adapted to support and distance, in a centrifugal direction, the bottles (11) released thereon by the gripping means (13), directing them into the corresponding lane (4, 4') of the conveying belt (3), the lanes (14) of the connecting zone (12) underneath the rotating carousel (2) being in a position of intersection (X) with the grip circumference (C).