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1. (WO2013153347) LIGHT SOURCE

Pub. No.:    WO/2013/153347    International Application No.:    PCT/GB2013/000147
Publication Date: Fri Oct 18 01:59:59 CEST 2013 International Filing Date: Fri Mar 29 00:59:59 CET 2013
IPC: H01J 61/02
F21V 7/04
H01J 65/04
Inventors: CARPENTER, Paul
NEATE, Andrew, Simon
An LER LUWPL source luminaire (1) having a magnetron (2) heat conductingly mounted below a finned heat dissipater (3) with a suspension eye (4). The magnetron is attached to a microwave transition (5) and a lucent crucible (6). An imperforate cover (8) extends down from the heat dissipater and is closed by a transparent screen (9), held to the cover by a moulding (10). The moulding supports a polished-sheet-metal reflector (11) extending back to the lucent crucible, with its reflective surfaces obliquely facing both the crucible and the screen for reflection of light from the crucible out of the luminaire via the screen. The moulding (10) is generally square shaped and the reflector comprises four triangular faces (12), pyramidally arranged, with a square base embodied by a rim (14) supported on the top of the screen (9) above the moulding (10). The faces converge to a virtual apex (15), on the central axis (16) of the lucent crucible. This axis is coincident with the pyramid's normal axis (17) from the apex to the centre of the base. The faces (12) are angled at 45° to the base. The apex is virtual in that the crucible and its backing piece (18) project through an aperture 19 in the reflector, above which the apex would exist if the aperture were not there