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Pub. No.:    WO/2013/147647    International Application No.:    PCT/RU2013/000225
Publication Date: Fri Oct 04 01:59:59 CEST 2013 International Filing Date: Wed Mar 20 00:59:59 CET 2013
IPC: E04B 2/86
E04C 1/00
Applicants: SHMELJOV, Oleg Anatol'evich
ШМЕЛЁВ, Олег Анатольевич
Inventors: SHMELJOV, Oleg Anatol'evich
ШМЕЛЁВ, Олег Анатольевич
The proposed hollow building block (1) comprises an outer wall and an inner wall (2, 3), which are connected by crosspieces (4), and fitting elements (7). The walls (2, 3) are formed from a building material, and the hollow block (1) is designed to be capable of forming a building object by means of the arrangement of a plurality of hollow blocks (1) having outer peripheral surfaces (5, 6) of the outer and inner walls (2, 3) which are arranged in contact with similar surfaces of adjacent blocks (1). The fitting elements (7) are arranged inside the outer and inner walls (2, 3) and form a first frame (8) in each of said outer and inner walls, and the crosspieces (4) are formed from fitting elements (7) which fix the first frames (8) of the outer and inner walls (2, 3) and, in combination with the fitting elements (7) of the first frames (8), produce a three-dimensional fitting framework (11) of the block (1), which framework has fitting fixing devices (12) which are capable of connecting the three-dimensional fitting frameworks (11) of the adjacent blocks (1) so as to form a single reinforced structure (13) of the building object having a single cavity (14) for simultaneous filling with the building material.