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1. (WO2011158014) PACKAGING

Pub. No.:    WO/2011/158014    International Application No.:    PCT/GB2011/051041
Publication Date: Dec 22, 2011 International Filing Date: Jun 2, 2011
IPC: B65D 75/08
B65D 75/12
B65D 75/52
B65D 85/60
B31B 37/00
CHEEMA, Parbinder
WILLEY, Jason Denis
Inventors: CHEEMA, Parbinder
WILLEY, Jason Denis
A method of manufacturing a packaging material comprises laminating together at least two layers of materials to form a laminated packaging material having an inner laminate structure (20) and an outer laminate structure (22), one of which (22) is translucent or transparent and the other (20) opaque. The method includes forming a score line (28) in the opaque laminate structure to define a section (26) within the opaque laminate structure which can be wholly or partially removed. The score line (28) can encircle the section to allow its removal after lamination to form a window in the packaging. Alternatively, the score line may only partially encircle the section such that it remains attached to the remainder of the opaque laminate structure along a line about which section of opaque laminate structure can be folded in the manner of a flap.