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Goto Application


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received by the International Bureau on 11 February 2011 (11.02.2011 )

1. A system for generating electricity from moving vehicles comprising of:

a. a platform plate kept inclined on a base level, connecting a surface raised from said base level, to allow vehicles to pass over said raised surface;

b. raised surface comprising of plurality of bars substantially spaced parallel apart and connected together with joint plates, wherein said raised surface is moveable in a vertical direction under the influence of the weight and speed of said vehicles passing over said raised surface, with the help of springs located at the ends of each of said bars in a substantially vertical direction;

c. a axle shaft raised at a certain level from said base level using a base stand;

d. coupling means between said plurality of bars and said axle shaft such that the depression of the raised surface due to the movement of said vehicles causes said coupling means to engage itself with said axle shaft for rotating said shaft in a unidirectional manner;

e. a gear wheel connected to said axle shaft at one end;

f. plurality of gears matched with each other such that the first of such plurality of gears is matched with said gear wheel; and

g. an electrical generator connected to such last of said plurality of gears, such that the number of said plurality of gears depends on the capacity of said generator.

2. A system as claimed in Claim 1, wherein said raised surface is depressed to said base level.

3. A system as claimed in Claim 2, wherein said depressed surface resumes to its raised position after said vehicle has passed over said raised surface.

4. A system as claimed in any of the aforesaid Claims 1 to 3, wherein said coupling means comprise of at least a freewheel gear and a movement plate connecting said respective bars and said shaft.

5. A system as claimed in any of the aforesaid Claims 1 to 4, including a balance wheel on said shaft as per the capacity of said generator for keeping said generator rotating as per the energy stored in said balance wheel.

6. A system as claimed in Claim 5, wherein movement of said vehicles over said raised surface causes an increase in the rotational speed of said balance wheel.

7. A system as claimed in any of the aforesaid Claims 1 to 6, wherein said platform plate is slidable along said base level due to weight and speed of said vehicle.