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Goto Application


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1) An URL transfer method (1) wherein keyword queries which the users are made via the short message sent through their mobile devices (2) are transferred to search engine (8) by means of at least one SMS-C unit (6) and at least one SMS gateway (7), characterized by checking whether there is an URL assigned to this keyword in the database (9) via SMS search engine (8) and, if so, sending the defined URL or, if not, the newly generated URL to the user via WAPpush or SMS.

2) An URL transfer method according to Claim 1 wherein URLs are arranged so as to become suitable for the WAPpush procedure by means of URL redirector (10).

3) An URL transfer method according to Claim 1 or 2 characterized by the following steps:

the user's sending word or words which the user wants to search as short message (MO SMS) to the predefined short message service number via mobile device (2) (101),

- transferring MO SMS sent by the user to SMS-C unit (6) (102),

- transferring MO SMS from SMS-C unit (6) to SMS gateway (7) (103),

transferring the message from SMS gateway (7) to SMS search engine (8) (104),

- SMS search engine's (8) receiving the content in MO SMS and comparing the word or words desired to be searched with the table in the database (9), and checking whether there is a web address defined for the keyword being searched in the database (9) (105),

if there is not a web address defined in the database (9) for this keyword, redirecting the related keyword to search engine (8), and search engine's

(8) generating a web address which provides a result page suitable for this keyword (106),

if there is a web address defined for this keyword in the database (9), getting this web address from the database (9) (107),

- if SMS search engine (8) sends result message to the user as WAPpush and if the character length of URL is more than a certain number, calling URL redirector (10) (108)

for the URLs that are longer than a certain number, URL redirector's (10) assigning an ID (identification) number to this URL and performing a shortening process (109),

- if URL is directed to a search engine, URL redirector's (10) assigning a different ID number to this URL and if URL is directed to a web address, URL redirector's (10) assigning a different ID number to this URL (110),

SMS search engine's (8) sending this address to SMS gateway (7) as WAPpush or SMS (111),

- SMS gateway's (7) sending the message to SMS-C unit (6) (112),

SMS-C unit's (6) sending the message to the mobile device (2) (113), the user's clicking web address sent to the mobile device (2) via WAPpush or SMS in the phones allowing URL transfer via SMS (114),

transferring the connection request to URL redirector (10) through GPRS gateway (13) (115),

URL redirector's (10) finding the original web address from the ID number in the received request (116),

redirecting the user to the destination web address (117).