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The hydroelectric system seawater is characterized by BERNOULLI chamber (6) attached to a hydroelectric turbine (7) so that the two can function together as a single unit.

The BERNOULLI chamber (6) is characterized by a cylindrical Chamber with a larger, and a smaller opening at either end, and with a hydrodynamicly gradual narrowing down, just so that the fluids introduced through it would produce the BERNOULLI effect.

Decrease in water pressure, equals increase in water flow velocity.

The external contours and inside configurations of a BERNOULLI chamber (6) as well as that of its hydrofoils (8) inside of it, are directly dependent upon the projects requirements.

They can be configured in such a way, that they direct the sea water used to operate the turbine (7) and guideit in a circular movement and the thus back into the sea again an absolutely essential function for the sea water system's operation.

In direct accordance to the invention, a BERNOULLI chamber (6) Includes inside of it a hydrodynamic hydrofoil (8), along with three Hydrodynamic supports (9) at four, eight , and twelve a clock respectively