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1. (WO2010078144) RESPIRATORY MASK
Available information on National Phase entries(more information)
OfficeEntry DateNational NumberNational Status
China 22.12.2009200980153576.9
Canada 23.06.20112748298
Japan 30.06.20112011544496
Mexico 30.06.2011MX/a/2011/007149Published: 24.10.2011
Granted: 06.01.2014
India 21.07.20113104/KOLNP/2011
New Zealand 26.07.2011594274
Australia 27.07.20112009333009Granted: 19.11.2015
European Patent Office 28.07.20112009775521Published: 02.11.2011
Granted: 16.07.2014
Republic of Korea 29.07.20111020117017834Refused: 27.10.2016
Granted: 16.12.2016
Republic of Korea 29.07.20111.02012E+12Published: 19.09.2011
Russian Federation 01.08.20112011132155Published: 10.02.2013
Granted: 10.06.2014