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1. (WO2010074988) ERGONOMIC SHEARS
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We claim:

1. Ergonomic shears comprising:

a finger assembly including a finger handle joined to a finger blade, the finger handle having first, second, third and fourth finger positions, the four finger positions aligned in a straight line with the first, second and fourth finger positions open;

a thumb assembly including a thumb handle joined to a thumb blade, the thumb handle having a thumb rail for adjustably engaging a thumb apparatus, the thumb apparatus having adjustable length, extension and rotation for ergonomically engaging a user's thumb; and

a pivot joining the finger assembly to the thumb assembly permitting counter rotation of the finger assembly and the thumb assembly about the pivot from a closed position to an open position and from the open position to the closed position.

2. The ergonomic shears of claim 1 wherein the third finger position further comprises a retainer encircling the third finger position, the retainer engaging a user's third finger in a primary orientation and the user's second finger in an alternate orientation.

3. The ergonomic shears of claim 2 wherein the encircled third finger position includes a center, and the thumb apparatus includes a thumb ring surrounding a thumb hole having a center, the distance from the center of the third finger position and the center of the thumb hole is adjustable.