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1. (WO2009130501) FENCING

Pub. No.:    WO/2009/130501    International Application No.:    PCT/GB2009/050399
Publication Date: Oct 29, 2009 International Filing Date: Apr 21, 2009
Applicants: VINCENT, Alan, David
Inventors: VINCENT, Alan, David
A fence post (20) comprises a pair of oppositely-directed longitudinal side walls (13,14) each defining a longitudinally-extending channel (12) for receiving respective side edges of adjacent fence panels (10). The post (20) isgenerally I-shaped in section and comprisesa first member (11) and a detachable second member (14) which defines a side wall of bothof thelongitudinally-extending channels (12).A fence panel (10) can be easily be fitted between a pair of such posts (20) by removing the detachable second member (14) from each post andby moving the fence panel (10) perpendicular to its plane until the side edges thereof are received in the respective open-sided channels (10) of the posts. The detachable second members (14) can then be secured to the first members of the posts by means of appropriate fastening members provided on the posts.