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1. A safety selector for selectively implementing a firing disabled position for the prevention of unintentional firing of a firearm, said device comprising:
• two prongs for alternatively pushing a cross bolt safety actuation lever, to the right or to the left;
• an over center toggle means for keeping said safety selector to either extreme left or right positions, wherein one of said positions is associated with firing enablement and said other position is associated with firing disablement;
• a DC electrical motor, and
• a torque transferring mechanism, for transferring torque from said motor to said safety selector.

2. A safety selector as in claim 1 wherein said electric motor receives power supply in either polarities, wherein each polarity is associated with a different rotation direction.

3. A safety selector as in claim 1 wherein said firearm is an FN MAG 58

4. A method for disabling firing of a firearm having a cross bolt safety device, comprising the steps of:
• supplying DC supply to a an electrical motor actuating a safety selector, by transferring torque to said selector,
• rotating said selector to right or left position;
• pushing a cross bolt bar to either left or right to establish firing disabling position of a cross bolt safety bar.