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What is claimed is;
1. A manual scooter having a momentum control function, comprising:
a front-wheel which is combined with a handle shaft having right and left steering handles;
a rear-wheel which is axially installed on a rear-wheel axle; a frame supporting the handle shaft of the front-wheel and the rear-wheel axle of the rear-wheel;
footstools which are formed in the left and right sides of the frame and driving the rear-wheel by a power transmission unit; and
a gear-box having the built-in power transmission unit and surrounding the rear-wheel,
wherein the power transmission unit comprises:
a driving shaft which is axially connected with both sides of the front end in the gear-box, and axially engaged with a driving bevel gear and a driving spur gear;
an idling bevel gear which is engaged with the driving bevel gear at both sides of the driving shaft and is idly rotated;
a moving shaft with which a moving small gear and a moving large gear are axially combined, in which the moving small gear and the moving large gear are gear-combined with the driving spur gear of the driving shaft; and
a rear-wheel axle which is axially combined with the rear-wheel at the left and right sides thereof by a one-way bearing and having a rear-wheel gear which is gear-engaged with the moving large gear, and
wherein the footstool comprises:
a footstool link which is axially combined with the gear-box at the lower portion of the front end of the scooter; and
a driving link whose one end is rotatably axially combined with the footstool link and whose other end is axially fixed to the other end of the driving shaft, in which the bottom portion of the rear end of the scooter is slidably formed on both sides of the gear-box by a hinge shaft.

2. The manual scooter according to claim 1, further comprising a tension roller which is mounted in the gear-box and is idled, a tensioner which controls a friction degree when the tension roller is closely adhered to the rear-wheel, and a tripod which spaces the rear-wheel from the ground floor.

3. The manual scooter according to claim 1, further comprising a restoring spring at the outer side of the rear-wheel gear on the rear-wheel axle, and a clutch which is axially rotated when a clutch wire is contracted by a clutch driving unit, to accordingly make the rear-wheel axiallymove to the restoring spring and to thus release gear engagement with the moving large gear.

4. The manual scooter according to claim 1, further comprising a number of adjustable axis holes with which one end of the footstool link is rotatably axially combined to increase and decrease momentum according to rotation of the driving shaft, in the driving shaft direction.