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Pub. No.:    WO/2006/014220    International Application No.:    PCT/US2005/020917
Publication Date: Fri Feb 10 00:59:59 CET 2006 International Filing Date: Wed Jun 15 01:59:59 CEST 2005
IPC: A41C 3/04
Applicants: REDENIUS, Ronald
Inventors: REDENIUS, Ronald
A lifting and shaping system for a bra is disclosed. The system uses lift platforms shaped to fit the cups of the bra and formed from this material such as plastic. The lift platforms are attached to the bra toward the center of the bra. Adjustable sliding anchors are located on the shoulder straps of the bra and have a connector attached to each of them. The other end of the connectors are attached to a respective lift platform. As a sliding anchor is moved up and down a bra strap, it pulls or lowers the connector which raises and lowers the lift platform in the breast cup. This adjusts the amount of lift given in supporting the breasts. The paths of the connectors are constrained by guide loops attached to the bra which provides smoother operation. Flexible shaping members distribute the lift of the lift platforms and maintain the natural shape of the breasts as they are lifted. Smoothing shields ease the movement of the lift platforms and connectors within the cloth confines of the breast cups. The flexible shaping members may also perform some of the functions of a smoothing shield. The moving elements of the lift system are covered by pliant flexible material such as various cloths.