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1. (WO2004033927) SECURING ELEMENT

Pub. No.:    WO/2004/033927    International Application No.:    PCT/NL2003/000691
Publication Date: Apr 22, 2004 International Filing Date: Oct 13, 2003
IPC: E04F 13/08
F16B 5/06
F24J 2/52
Applicants: OLFERT B.V.
KOPPEN, Willem, Jan
Inventors: KOPPEN, Willem, Jan
The invention relates to a securing element (10), suitable in particular for securing a plate or panel (20) to a frame (30), provided with a web (5) having a top side for receiving a plate or panel and an underside for positioning the se curing element against a frame, the web extending from a first end edge (1) to a second end edge (2), and the securing element comprising at least a first clam ping element (11), for engaging a first plate or panel (20) which has been placed on the top side of the securing element, said second clamping member being substantially directed toward the second end edge, and the securing element comprising securing means (25), such as a screw, which extend from the underside of t he web for the purpose of securing the securing element to a frame.