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Pub. No.:    WO/2004/030765    International Application No.:    PCT/IL2003/000778
Publication Date: Apr 15, 2004 International Filing Date: Sep 29, 2003
IPC: A62B 17/04
A62B 18/10
A62B 23/02
Applicants: PORAT, Michael
Inventors: PORAT, Michael
An escape mask that enables one to breathe filtered air comprising, A. a foldable pocket size hood to cover the entire head, comprising: 1. a bag made of transparent plastic film material impermeable to gases, 2. a multi-layered filter assembly containing at lest one filter layer containing an antiseptic effective against microorganisms and at least one filter layer containing activated charcoal, said filter assembly being adhered to the bag over an aperture in the bag in the area where the mouth and nose would be for someone wearing the mask, 3. an exhalation valve embedded in the filter assembly, and B. separate sealing means, not connected to the bag, to seal the bag around the neck, enabling adjusting the bag over the head to reduce the free space inside the hood and to adjust the exhalation valve against the lips.