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Pub. No.:    WO/2003/072985    International Application No.:    PCT/KR2002/001137
Publication Date: Sep 4, 2003 International Filing Date: Jun 17, 2002
IPC: F15B 13/04
F15B 13/043
F16K 11/065
F16K 11/076
F16K 11/085
F25B 41/04
Applicants: ASER TECH CO., LTD
Inventors: LEE, Yun-Boon
A four-way reversing valve includes a valve casing (30) having a plurality of ports through which fluid flows, a valve main body (40) fixedly installed to the valve casing and having a valve chamber (50a) in which a plurality of main port connection holes for selectively connecting the ports are formed, a main spool (60) rotatably installed at the valve chamber of the valve main body, for selectively connecting the ports according to a rotation position, and a spool driving unit for reversibly rotating the main spool by using part of fluid supplied through one of the ports in the valve casing. Thus, the number of welding points is minimized by incorporating the overall pilot valves and excluding additional capillary connection for the pilot valves. Also, manufacturing thereof is made easy and, during the manufacturing and use thereof, the rate of breakdown due to defective welding can be remarkably reduced.