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Pub. No.:    WO/2003/056175    International Application No.:    PCT/US2002/040073
Publication Date: Jul 10, 2003 International Filing Date: Dec 16, 2002
IPC: F03G 7/08
Applicants: PEREZ SACHEZ, Antonio, M.
Inventors: PEREZ SACHEZ, Antonio, M.
An improved energy transfer assembly (100) utilizing the available mechanical or kinetic energy of a moving vehicle, such as a train, for conversion into usable electric power. The assembly includes a plurality of pairs of impact members (1, 19) operatively positioned along a generally circular, substantially closed loop railway track system. Each pair of impact members is movably interconnected to a corresponding lever assembly (10), which is subsequently movably interconnected to a gear assembly (35) by one of a plurality of drive arms (3, 19c). Each drive arm is structured to cause the rotation of a primary auxiliary gear (40) when the corresponding pair of impact plates are contacted by the flanges on the wheels (101) of the train. The primary auxiliary gear is interconnected to a transfer drive gear (54) through the plurality of gears (50, 60, 70) in the gear assembly, such that rotation of the primary auxiliary gear results in rotation of the transfer gear (54), which is interconnected to a rotational component in a power generator (80) thereby producing usable electric power.