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Pub. No.:    WO/2002/006677    International Application No.:    PCT/US2001/021413
Publication Date: Jan 24, 2002 International Filing Date: Jul 5, 2001
IPC: E21B 43/12
F04F 1/20
Applicants: GAGLIARDI, John
Inventors: GAGLIARDI, John
A multi-stage liquid elevator which is assembled from individual stages is disclosed. Each elevator stage is fabricated from ordinary pipe components and has no moving parts. When inserted into an natural gas well, the elevator is powered by the gas pressure availabe in the well. Each elevator stage consists of a reservoir (13) defined by casing (12) enclosing an inlet pipe (14) and an outlet pipe (16). At each stage, the liquid and gas from the previous stage are force into the inlet pipe (14) and the liquid collects in the reservoir until enough gas pressure builds up in the stage to force the liquid up the outlet pipe (16) to the next stage. A coupling (10) connects any two stages of the elevator together. As many stages as required can be joined together to construct a multi-stage liquid elevator of any desired length. Each stage is fabricated to a length compatible with the available gas pressure. Enough pressure must be available to move a column of liquid a vertical distance equal to or greater than the lenght of one stage of the elevator.