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Pub. No.:    WO/2002/004066    International Application No.:    PCT/JP2001/005507
Publication Date: Jan 17, 2002 International Filing Date: Jun 27, 2001
IPC: A61N 1/05
Applicants: SHOJI, Tsuyoshi

OKU, Yoshitaka

WADA, Hiromi


Inventors: SHOJI, Tsuyoshi

OKU, Yoshitaka

An electrode, comprising a conductor (2) and a rubber insulator (3) covering the conductor, the insulator further comprising a holding part (4) having a through-hole capable of generally holding nerve and an opening formed on one side of the through-hole in radial cross section, an extension part (5) extending from the other side of the holding part, an upper jaw (6) extending forward from the upper edge of the opening, having a thicker tip, and forming a small hole at the tip thereof, and a lower jaw (7) extending forward from the lower edge of the opening, wherein the conductor passes through the inside of the extension part, the lower end of the conductor is exposed to the outside from the end of the extension part, and the upper end is exposed to the inside of the through-hole, whereby the electrode buried in a body at a low stress, particularly, a diaphragm pacing electrode buried at a low stress under a thoracoscope can be formed.